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  Centro Ricerche e Relazioni Cornaglia

Welcome to Ce.R.R.Co !

On the occasion of the 35° anniversary of our foundation we wanted to revisit our site to make it easier and more willing to talk with those who honor us with a visit.Thank you for your attention and look forward to your contacts

Dario Bracco – President of Ce.R.R.Co


CE.R.R.Co. — the “Centro Ricerche e Relazioni Cornaglia” — is a non profit making, non political, cultural organisation. The Centre was founded in the 1982 to honour the memory of Francesco Cornaglia, a man who spent his life serving Medical Scientists with great generosity. Since the beginning the Ce.R.R.Co. has been engaged in the social and health care field, joining Technicians (Engineers, Architects, Biomedics etc.) and Medical Doctors in the multidisciplinary international relationships, research, studies and projects useful to improve the quality of life of older people and the disabled. The Centre collaborates with institutions and international research groups, organizations and Italian Universities, contributing to programs of study, research and training, developing the principles of Geragogy.


GERAGOGIA: Il fine della Geriatria e della Gerontologia moderna è non soltanto curare i vecchi, bensì “prendersi cura” di loro, renderli protagonisti e non vittime di una vecchiaia costruita invece che subita. Ciò può avvenire soltanto attraverso  una continua opera di costante educazione e di informazione per gli anziani over 65. E’ questa l’essenza della “Geragogia” scienza geriatrica moderna, la psico-pedagogia dell’invecchiamento”

GERAGOGY: Modern Geriatrics and Gerontology must not only treat older peopl’s pathologies and disabilities, but it must also take care of them and help them to become protagonists, not victims of their old age. This will ensure they lead constructive lives with minimal suffering. For this purpose, continuing and constant education with relevant information is essential for all people over 65. This is the aim of the “Geragogy”, the modern Geriatric Science: the Psycho Pedagogic of Ageing.

Dottor Franco Cravero, geriatra emerito


 FIRST PAGE: Facts, Meetings and Interview

It has just published the book of the research of the University of Lleida (Spain). One chapter had been wrote with the collaboration of Ce.R.R.Co.

Ideas, Products, Services … Social Innovation for Elderly Persons” is the result of the work done by the University of Lleida, coordinating top from the Profs. Brian Worsfold and Elena Urdaneta.


Following the concept of “Social Innovation”, the study was developed exploring new ideas of models, services and products able to meet the needs and expectations of modern seniors.

The 300-page book that was published in Spain at the end of 2018 treats in detail the various topics related to social innovation.
The Ce.RRCo., signed by Ugo Marchisio and Dario Bracco, has dealt with the theme “New services for new Elders, Welfare VS the free market: Technology, Costs of Governance and Human Caring”, Our analysis starts from the concept that in the world in which we live today there are many Elders, but this world is not made for the Elders. Italy is one of the countries where we live longer despite not being among the first for technology and services. In Italy we expression of the so-called “human touch” is very active and very useful for the psychic well-being of the elderly. The Italian chapter reports many statistics on the elderly population, on longevity and birth rate which constitute a mathematical reference useful to everyone. 

The books of the series “The Season of Great Adults” is still available and distributed free. 

All the studies conducted by Ce.R.R.Co. continue to make their path of diffusion and follow-up on the various meeting occasions during which we can present ourselves and present the results of our activity. The most recent events that have allowed us to distribute our books for free have been: The conferences related to the Day of the Sick 2019; the Sinfor Age International Convention at the University of Barcelona; the meetings of the Semior University on memorial training and safety driving in the old age.


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