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Purpose of the study

For a growing number of older people, (Olders) nursing homes with a suitable medical support (in Italy RSA) are the place where they hope to find a true “care”: not only health and personal assistance, but also self-reliance and empowerment. Cognitive and affective dimension are of paramount importance: nowadays Olders have a better education and culture than years before, but they still suffering from more and more chronic diseases and disabilities. RSA today are up to olders’ expectations no more and the “assistance pathways” along all the different levels of intensity (from hospital to the private home) is often hard, pendular and humiliating so that the meaning of “Care” seriously jeopardized.
Recently some solutions have been found to face the problem: different levels of long admittance hospital wards, nursing homes, residential support and services by a fan of nurses and care-givers with different pros and cons. Nevertheless we don’t have a working net of services yet and the role played by nursing homes should be deeply reset.

Approach and methodology

We analyze a very detailed healthcare database about health and social assistance to Olders by the National Health System in Turin, describing the main trends about every different solution and comparing our data with those from other Italian and European studies. The whole information and analysis will be submitted to a multidisciplinary panel of experts: public administrators and policy makers, medical doctors practicing different disciplines, architects and designers, sociologists, psychologists etc. They will give their pieces of suggestion and their original ideas to update our policy and set new rules about nursing homes, Older People’s health and social care, respecting their right of choice.

Expected Results

1. An up-to-date and complete comprehension of problems and trends about “the care” of older people today
2. New solutions in order to improve medical care in Nursing Homes
3. Pieces of suggestion about a new Older Care Net Work (OCNW): Hospital and Day Hospital, Long Admittance facilities, Nursing Homes etc.
4. The integration of Home care with Nursing Homes services and the OCNW.
5. “Longlife learning” to promote older persons’ life styles, a new mind and a new concern about ageing and disabilities.


Our study ends up with the proposal of some medical and technical guidelines about “the Care” and the modern facilities, structures and organisations, for a better Q.o.L. of older persons, even when affected by poly-pathologies and/ or disabilities.

Additional information

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