Multidisciplinary international relationships




For a long time the Centre has also been engaged in research, recently, concerning the quality of life of elderly an disable people. Our participation in the research projects is always appreciated because our members are professional people: MD Specialists, Pharm. Dr., Sociologist Dr, Architects and Engineers, Lawyers, Economists who dedicate their time and their knowledge to the Centre as volunteers.

In 1994 “a new air floating system against bed sores: direct medical tests and evaluation” and which in 1996, “Modern residential needs of disabled and chronically hill elderly people” and, in 1999, “How technology will succeed in keeping the elderly indipendent for longer”, 2000 The hospital and medical technology for the home care of elderly people ” 2001-02L’espace : maîtriser les risques pour favoriser l’intégration”. In 2002 the Centre participated at the UN World Conference on Ageing at Madrid and which, interministerial, UNECE and at the meeting on Active Ageing at Berlin. Furthemore the same year at the  European Forum on Ageing at Bruxelles. During 2002-03 had bee published the first three Primers of Ce.R.R.Co. to contribute on the Long Life Learning of ageing people: “Autonomy as a Conquest !” ; ” A Comfortable and Safety Home for Everybody” and “Granpa Etto’s week” (See publications).
In 2003 the Centre also participated as presenter at the 3rd Silver Summit of London In 2004 the “UE project Lisa (Learning In Senior Age) in team with the “Scuola Superiore di Sant’Anna” of University of Pisa ant the survey on “Social Services thought by Italian Little Municipalities for their Olders”, still in progress. In 2005, The Centre co-organized the international congress of Turin “Older People towards 2010: from discriminated to social actors” and, as presenter participated, at “ World Conference on Gerontechnology” in Nagoya. The same year Ce.R.R.Co cooperated again with a master lesson on “Universal Design” at the Engineer University of Turin – post graduated course “Projects without architectural barriers”-. In the 2006, as scientific partner and lecturers at: ICADI (International Conference on Ageing, Disability and Indipendence) in St. Petersburg FLUSA.; International Congress on Gerontology (Lisbona); the Forum Era Age “User Involvement in Ageing Research” (London) etc. The 2007 has already seen Ce.R.R.Co. very well introduced in the international events: a presentation at TRANSED (International Conference on the mobility and transportation of people with reduced mobility) at Montréal. A seminary on “Memory Training” for Trainer and again as “lecturers” at a Master of Engineer University of Turin on “Universal Design: multi-sensorial projects and architectural barriers”; as presenter at “1st International Congress on Gerontology” at Lisbone. Before the end of 2007 Ce.R.R.Co. will present his 4th Primer “How training our Memory” (see Publications).

Inside Ce.R.R.Co. is also working on “Observatory and laboratory for the elderly and disabled homecare”: a group of Researchers is investigating on different aspects of homecare. Also the Domotic is taken into consideration because it seems to be the future way to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled requiring special cares and assistance in their houses. A day by day international relationship is helping us to participate at further International researches and to assembly an appropriate library.

 Multidisciplinary international relationships

The relationships of Ce.R.R.Co have always been rich of events: from the assistance of Medical Societies in their activities to cooperation in the organisation of congresses, seminary, post graduated courses etc. (Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, Physiotherapy, Medical Engineering etc.). Since 1986 the Centre participated in the establishment of the Italian Medical Society of Paraplegia — So.M.I.Par., that still live with us. Since 1990 Ce.R.R.Co. cooperated with Engineer University of Turin in their post graduated Courses, of Projects without architectural barriers, universal design, multi-sensorial progjects etc. Since the beginning the Centre develop interdisciplinary relationship with Associations and Institutions worldwide.

The relationship of Ce.R.R.Co. include: World Homecare and Hospice Assoc.- Consiglio dei Seniores Città di Torino (member of Cultural Observatory) — EURAG (Federation Européenne des Personnes Agèes) — S.I.G.Os. (Soc. Italiana Geriatri Ospedalieri), AGE (La plate-forme européenne pour le personnes agèes) — FNG (Fondation National de Gerontologie de France), ASA (American Society on Aging), ERA-AGE (University of Sheffield) — ISG (International Society of Gerontechnology),Italian representative member, and EHAAF (Eureopean Healthy Ageing Advocacy Forum), Italian representative member.

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